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We offer FREE estimates on all system Replacements & Upgrades.  As part of every estimate, we provide a full energy audit. An energy audit is important to make sure that you are not throwing money way through wasted energy. We evaluate your insulation, windows, air infiltration, roof construction, and attic ventilation, among other aspects of your home or office. Our efforts are focused on conditioning your indoor air for every season while paying attention to energy efficiency. After careful analysis we design a system specific to your individual needs. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to schedule your in home audit.  We also offer Warranty & Maintenance Plan services on you entire HVAC systems as well as duct cleaning. Just call us to schedule a visit!

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Indoor Comfort Technologies is a locally owned business located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We proudly serve Chattanooga, Tennessee and all surrounding communities. While we obviously do most of our work at your home and/or your office, we do have an office located at 739 Ashland Terrace, Chattanooga, TN 37415

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